Welcome to Your #Adulting Success Playbook

Your entire DIY playbook to career, college, and life so you can get life right from the start!


This subscription service is where you will find DIY courses & curriculum to help you with all aspects of your career, your college journey (should you decide to go), and skills we think are essential to know before going out into the adult world. 

You will get all of the knowledge, resources, and support you need to be successful as an adult. And you can stay as long or as little as you like. It is a month-to-month subscription!

*Have more than one student? Send us a message at [email protected] and take advantage of our multi-student discount!


Our courses cover an array of topics and include everything you need to be successful such as worksheets, handouts, resource lists, and more. 

All of our courses are created by industry experts or with the help & guidance of industry experts as needed.

Here are our courses launching in 2022-2023. Those in BOLD are already up, those that are ITALICIZED are coming later this year.

  • Career Courses:

      • Career Exploration Done Right
      • Career Planning, Putting the Pieces Together
      • *Know Your Strengths, And Learn How to Use Them (coming summer 2022)
      • *Landing the Job to Build Your Future (coming summer 2022)
      • *Communication 101 (coming fall 2022)
      • *Professionalism in the Workplace (coming winter 2022) 
  • College Courses:

      • Scholarships, Your Path to a Debt-Free Degree
      • *College Made Easy (coming spring 2022)
      • *Paying for College Made Easy (coming summer 2022)
      • *College 101, Maximize Your College Experience (coming fall 2022) 
      • *College Interview Series (coming in 2022)
      • *Safety on Campus (coming winter 2023)
      • *How to Survive College (coming winter 2023)
      • *How to Study, For Those Who Haven't Had to (coming spring 2023) 
  • Adulting (Life Skills) Courses:

      • Goal Planning, Goals you Actually Want to Achieve
      • *Finances 101, Everything You Need to Know About Money (Coming spring 2022)
      • *Power of Mindset (coming summer 2022) 
      • *Problem-Solving & Conflict Resolution (coming summer 2022) 
      • *Pulling a Time Heist to Take Back Your Time (coming fall 2022)
      • *Safety 101 (coming fall 2022)
      • *Car Maintenance 101, How to Keep Your Car from Exploding (coming fall 2022)
      • *Mental Health in 2022 (coming fall 2022) 
      • *Decision Making as a Gen Z or Millennial (coming winter 2022) 
      • *Travel Done Right (coming spring 2023) 
      • *Etiquette Your Grandma'd Be Proud Of (coming spring 2023) 
      • *Adulting 101, Life Without Mom & Dad (coming spring 2023)
      • *How to Live Your Best Life (coming summer 2023) 
      • *Meal Planning for Newbies (coming summer 2023)



  • 🙋 2x a month live Q&As with our founder and other experts 

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 A community with other teens, young adults, & parents
  • ⭕ Accountability to stay on track 
  • 🚌Learning
    • 🎒 Online classes w/all curriculum & resources 
    • 🏫 Parent only courses to help you help your student


  • ✅ Achieving goals that you have for your future 

  • 💯 Resources and everything you need to succeed in each course 

  • 😁 Increased confidence, with a clear path to success 


  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Discounts and special pricing for one-on-one support

  • ⚙️ Special guests and industry experts

  • 🎊 Priority access to new courses

  • 💡 Exclusive opportunities, you'll be in the know before everyone else


Founded by someone who understands what happens when you're not prepared for the adult world. Traci Bakenhaster is the Founder of Raising the Next Gen and the course creator behing NextGen's How-to #Adult Playbook. Some of her background includes:

  • 10+ years experience in career exploration & planning, career tech, higher education, and industry
  • She is a financial coach, career coach, and professional resume writer
  • Career positions held: Career Development Specialist, Hiring & Training Manager
  • College positions held: admissions, financial aid, advising, and more
  • Industry positions held: Program Manager, Director of Marketing, Pre-Apprenticeship Coordinator
  • Has worked with hundreds of students and adults to help them find their career path
  • MS degree from Franklin University & BS degree from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business & 2 AS degrees
  • Passion & dedication to helping teens not experience the hardships she has 

Our mission is to provide teens & young adults with the skills, knowledge, opportunities, and support to be prepared for adulthood after they leave school. 

We believe if you can help them to find purpose, develop a vision, and see the possibilities, you can change their life.


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